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$4.5 Million To Be A Cattleman?



Shawn Williamson, a Successful Farming freelancer put pen to paper and estimated the costs of becoming a cattleman.


Full story:  Does it Really Take $4.5 Million to Be a Stock Cow Operator



What say you?





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Re: Truly, $45,000 is close

$45k is a used pickup, a 4 wheeler, .


Cows are $1000 each, sooo if your runnin 250 cows that's $250k.


Most Folks Love owning a few cows w You running em.


soooo you have to sponsor  and Attend some Senior dinners, also explain Your Cow opportunity at rural launder mats etc..


basically your cow owner partners replace banks w borrowed cow purchase money.


Land?  Your gonna have to rent it especially to start w.


sooo If you want to be cow running folk,  You've gotta get a little ambitious, some creative, borrow a few quarters from a friend and turn em out.


cows and Hay production make a lot of dough per acre.

Hay will handily Net say $750 per acre annually.



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Re: $4.5 Million To Be A Cattleman?

So they finally figured out the dirty little secret that there`s no money in cattle?.....Smiley Very Happy   You get a education real quick on what cattle are actually worth if you have to buy hay for the damned things.  I take my grain check, my hog checks, my job checks and buy high priced hay and every morning the spoiled bass-ards blow their trumpets at 6am wanting me to give them corn that a saner person would haul to town and get money.  


No, show me a "cattleman" and I`ll show you someone that inherited the operation or has outside income to fund the hobby.   That`s basically what the production side of beef is, stupid people with more money than brains throwing good money into a very expensive a a danged horse for Pete sakes, but don`t be stupid and spend money on cattle.


All that said, i`m in the market for a couple good $3000 Angus bulls, anyone know where there`s a sale?    Smiley Happy



But seriously, Shawn could write a story about any other farm enterprise, they`re all capital intensive, low returns on equity..   "somewhere in the darkness the cattleman, he broke even and someone found a ace that they could keep".



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Re: $4.5 Million To Be A Cattleman?

B  A  -  there  are  several  Pond- E - Rosy's  for  sale  either  side  of  ! -  80  ,  west  of  U S  281 ,   say  from  Mile  Marker  312  Nebraska  to  Mile  Marker 100  in  California -  -  -


I-10 ,  I -40,  I -70,  I - 90  have  options  also,  and  all  that's  needed  is  that  ''  special  sauce ''  ingredient  -  DR. Brother - In - Law ,  partner  type  arrangement -  -  -

I'm  working  on  a  guidance  system  for  cattle,  so  barbed  wire  and  the  Golden  Rod ,  wire  clips,  staples ,  creosote  posts,    go  the  way  of  the  milk  stool - -  -

 I  P  O  coming  soon,  so  gather  those  investment  bucks,  as  opportunity's  MIGHT  BE  LIMITed , UP  or  DOWN  -  smileylol:   -  -  -    

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Re: $4.5 Million To Be A Cattleman?

I  P  O  -    meaning,    I'm   Probably  Out  ,  maybe  -  ? 

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Re: $4.5 Million To Be A Cattleman?

Hey K-289. I`d like to see drones that could vaccinate cows with Triangle and biodegradable needles.  The drone could chase `em down and shoot `em and record it   The drone could be BQA certified shooting them in the neck and the needle made out of hemp would disintegrate after 1 month if it broke off.  Smiley Happy 


But in Shawn realistic example of $4.5 million investment for a 600hd stocker operation, that`s not a good risk/reward ratio, a thunderstorm and a few lightening strikes with cattle in the wrong place at the wrong time and you`d be at the bank looking to borrow family living expenses for the year.  So how many more generations will continue putting the family nestegg on the line every year like that to put beef on the American dinnertable?    I think today schools teach the young people better math skills than what they taught us old dummies back in the olden days   Smiley Happy


In Shawn`s article, there`s a few things, I would do differently like a $20,000 fertilizer spreader, the place you buy fertilizer would probably let you use a spreader for free.  And a $80,000 semi for 600hd of cattle, you could probably hire trucking cheaper, not having all the truck upkeep and DOT fines and hassle, plus the trucker is a temporary "hiredman" in loading the cattle.


Here`s a video on the great Gordon Hazard, who if money could be made on cattle, that great gentleman could.  I have his book and no it`s not for sale at even $500   


Image result for gordon hazard book

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