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Amazon Beyond $$$$

Beyond  Meat  -  Plant  Based  Burger  Patties,  8 oz.  ( 2  pack,  4  patties  total )  -  $62.oo  -  -  -

OR  8  oz.  (  4 pack ,  8  Patties  Total  )  $80.oo   ( $2.5o  / oz. )   from  Home  Foods LLC    just launched,  being what  the  add  indicated  -  -  -         

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Re: Amazon Beyond $$$$

Complete with beet juice for some that like "a little moo in their burger".  Agriculture, especially animal agriculture is destined to look much different when the congresswoman, former bartender from New York has children of meat eating age.   I would just say, it`s something to think about before pouring concrete for cattle lots that you expect to keep full for the next 30 years or putting up those 2 new 2400hd finishing barns.  

Society may move away from animals for food and great grandchildren will read about it and describe it as "barbaric". Farmers make up 2% and probably 1/4th of them have livestock so fighting it, may be akin to jousting windmills.  

As I understand, they yet are having trouble making a good textured fake steak.

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Re: Amazon Beyond $$$$

I had been watching them for a while and jumped in on basically the ground floor when they went public.

rode it to a sizable gain rather quickly and jumped out. 

Tyson is jumping in with their own meatless wonder products , Beyond Meat tumbled on that news , bought a little more, see if I can take some more profits on them.

Can't beat 'em , take profits off 'em.

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