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Anyone ever use Willard Water?

I doubt any of you`ll admit it even if you do.  🙂  It`s one of those classic "snake oil" products that some claim up and down works and they`ve been around since the 60`s.  I do use hydrogen peroxide for different things, but that`s cheap, never tried Willard`s Water though.   I looked them up and they`re still in business out there in Rapid City, South DeKody ...I might order me some.  


Here`s a old 60 Minutes piece on Willard`s Water, at about 10 minutes they show ranchers giving it to calves and spraying on brands to help heal.  


Here`s their website

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Re: Anyone ever use Willard Water?

I have used willards water.

 I think you'll like the product.

mix some up for your own use too.

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