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Atticus Finch

Marcus Mumford has now whipped the govt prosecutors 6 in a row  ( the Bundy cases ).. Next will be the wrongfull death of LaVoy Finicum.    Irregardless, in the bundy cases it was found that the govt did not own the lands the govt claimed to.  The State had not transferred lands ro the govt at the time of statehood.  AND it appears many of the other Western States did Not transfer their lands to the feds either.  Hmmmmmm....go West for free land coming up....the feds are a bunch of squatters using the Bundy ruling as precident.

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Re: Atticus Finch

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Re: Atticus Finch

Great news for the western cattle folks   -  now if we could just get the cattle market to respond  ---


Leaves me asking whose names will be on the Abstract Land Deed document , Exon/Mobile maybe ? ?

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