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BA Deere
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Best hay feeder

I nominate Bernau hay feeders as best all `round hay feeder.  I also have a Bernau rockbox and quick tatch hitch and that stuff is made good.  I bought my first worn out, bent Bernau feeder at a sale for $25 and put it out next to some Fleet Farm  feeders that were pretty new and that worn out Bernau out lasted them and then some.   So I`ve bought new one`s and I`m thinking they were $325 at The Trading Post in Glenville.  They sell as fast as they`re brought in and many times the paint isn`t even dry  🙂


This morning there was one that really needed moved and one side in the mud (we only have 2 seasons in north Iowa, winter and spring you know) hooked on with a chain any old where on it and pulled it out without a bend or break..can`t even tell where the chain was hooked.  There`s a Mennonite welder by Elma that makes good one`s too with a fancy cone, I don`t know if all those gimmicks to save hay work or not in the long run.


My camera phone doesn`t work very good but here`s either a older style Bernau feeder or very similar I found on the net, it sold for $135


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