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Bull semen vs. hard winter

I'm hearing that harsh winters can be hard on bulls. If you have a bull that you rely on for your whole herd, it might be a good idea to have its semen checked. I'm wondering if anybody has had problems with this in the past? This was a pretty tough winter for animals. What do you think?


Or, even if you're contemplating buying a bull for your herd, come June 1, will you have its semen checked? Or, is that not something you see as necessary?





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Re: Bull semen vs. hard winter

Our experience has been that by June, things are back to normal, barring special circumstances, like injury or frostbite to unmentionable parts of the bull's anatomy.

We won't buy a bull that didn't pass his test, and barring injury, I can't remember one that had a bad count in early spring, that wasn't acceptable by June.

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Re: Bull semen vs. hard winter

Back in our 1000+ head of cattle days, we had about 20-30 bulls at any given time. I can't remember what year it was but I know it was in the 80's after a brutally cold winter. We collected samples from every bull ourselves, what an experience that was. Let's just say than goodness for HD squeeze chutes.
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