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COOL is headed to court


In New Mexico. 

Consumer and rancher class action suits on the big 4 claims of false advertising. 

Since 2015 the big 4 have labeled their imported beef as a product of the USA. 

USA govt just ignored that. 

It seems to bother consumers and ranchers here. 

2 class action suits are scheduled here in NM. 



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Re: COOL is headed to court

Here  in  the  Midwest,  asking  your  Senators  &  Congressional  membership,  state  &  federal ,  about  COOL , is  quickly  responding ,  '' they  will  have  to  get  back  to  you ''   -  deer  in  the  headlights  reaction  -  -  -

A  decade  later ,  Still Waiting ,   all  the  while,   the  re-election  coffer$  have  chronic  bloat   -  -  - 

Another  topic  that  creates  a  response  of  a  glaring,   look  over  their  glasses  ''  whole$ale  vs.  retail  spread ''-  -  -

As  of  now  the  1500 - 1600  lb  fats  aren't  getting  a  severe  discount -  as  TOO  FAT ,  compared to previous years  - - - 

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Re: COOL is headed to court

 I  reflect  back  on  the  meetings I  attended  in  Fort  Collins   2010 ,  and  see  the  stalemate of  that  agenda,  while  leaving  there  with  a  bit of  optimism  -  -  -

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