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Cash Cattle $1 Lower This Week

21,000 head by 2PM on Friday


TX $123

KS $123

NE $198-99

IA $198  / $123-$123.50





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Re: Cash Cattle $1 Lower This Week

Kevin  --any new developments on the bankrupt Eastern Cattle Company as far as producer settlements---went to a brand inspection meeting last night in Oneill Nebraska which the question was brought up---

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Re: Cash Cattle $1 Lower This Week

There is a website that's tracking this bankruptcy




This is the update from the trustee from Feb 2, 2012


On December 19, 2011, we filed an action in the US District Court for the Southern District of Indiana (New Albany Division) to have the claims against Eastern Livestock’s USDA Bond determined.  In an effort to avoid joining all 375 bond claimants as parties, particularly those whose claims are not objectionable (which constitute the majority of the claims) we only joined 4 claimants initially as a means to get the case into court.  We have asked the judge for a status conference to try to work out a process to resolve the claims we do object to.  The status conference will be held on March 1, 2012, and we will post an update within a few days after the status conference with the judge.  If you filed a bond claim, you should have received a notice from GIPSA some months ago informing you of the approval of, or any dispute with your claim.  If you have not received any notice whether your claim is allowable, you may contact Tammy Froelich of my office for more information at 317-777-7423.



It looks like there will be a hearing which is available via conference call on Feb 13


Agenda:    Continued Final Hearing Re: Motion to Abandon, Corrected Motion for Relief from Stay filed by Lisa Koch Bryant on behalf of Creditor Peoples Bank & Trust Co. of Pickett County [317] with a Supplemental Objection to Corrected Motion to Abandon, Corrected Motion for Relief from Stay filed by Dustin R. DeNeal on behalf of Trustee James A. Knauer [867].

   Hearing:      February 13, 2012 
    Time:            10:00am EST 
    Dial In:          1-888-399-7768  passcode:  586676 # 
    Location:    103 Federal Building, 121 West Spring Street, New Albany, Indiana 47150 




I dont have any direct connection to this issue so I hope this info helps







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