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Cattle Graphs Through March 2019

The usual annual April high seems to have occurred in Mid-March this year.  Do you think it is weather related?


Tama Choice Steer & Choice Holstein Comparison.jpg

2019 Board vs. Livestock Weekly.jpg

2019 Feeder Graph.jpg


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be a new data set for the high

This year.

the weather really has screwed up the traditional seasonal cycle.


Grilling season is just getting started and lots of tonnage has been lost since Jan 1.


its impossible to rebuild this year....and a lot of folks up north have quit cows ....just retired after losing so many due to the weather and floods this round.


just chart bout a $26cwt Up on Tradit fats now....and you'll beat the players that don't figure that out till June 1.


Then we go yet higher from there ...i.e. the $157cwt level of June 1.

btw You heard this Here 1st. LoL.

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Re: be a new data set for the high

Hope  your  '' wright ''   this  time,  not  the  FREE  BEER  TOMORW  sign  lit  up Smiley Frustrated



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