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Celebrate Beef Month!

Are you doing anything above and beyond or know someone who is celebrating Beef Month?

  • Running with your state's Team Beef?
  • Helping with Ag in the Classroom or another advocacy effort?
  • Starting to get in the groove with show steers/heifers for county fair?


Let's get past "What's your favorite way to eat beef?".. What are your favorite CUTS of beef to grill and chow down on? To me, you still can't beat a great sirloin!

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Re: Celebrate Beef Month!

Ribeye steak is our cut of choice, and let's not overlook everyone's favorite. Grilled burgers smothered with cheese.

Wait a minute, what's that I smell? Looks like the little lady has a crook pot full roast beef and potatoes today. I guess we actually enjoy all cuts of beef, not just the grilled ones.
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Re: Celebrate Beef Month!

If I could do it with out a lecture from my wife I would order nearly any type of beef with a side of beef and an appetizer of beef..... And cheese cake for desert.
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