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Challenge Ahead

Talking  to  Livestock  friends  up   in  Northern 1/2 Nebraska,  &  Dakota's  , hit  with  flooding ;  caused  by  heavy  rains  on  top  of  heavy  blanket  snow  being  , then  flash melting,  causing  MAJOR  flooding , followed  up  again  with  blizzard  conditions  yesterday  &  today   -  -  -


Several  highways  compromised,  bridges,   ( US ,  State,  local )   and  extremely  muddy  conditions,  with   road   washouts  statewide  -  -  -


Folks  in  those  area's  are  waiting  for  the  sunshine  tomorrow ,  to  gather  the  pieces  together,  and  trudge  on - ward ,  with  a  long  row  to  hoe  -  -  -


Calf  losses  will  be  substantial  -  according  to  many  producers  State  wide -  -  -      

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Re: Challenge Ahead

Perhaps this is the True test of " economy of scale " that a bunch of Agri practices now.


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