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Cold Storage

Who owns the meat in cold storage?  Do Packers still have ownership or has it been sold to Retailers? 

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Re: Cold Storage

Interesting question.


My guess would be that cold storage is where the meat changes hands, but this is just a guess.  


I web searched your question, but could not find an answer; I had never thought about at what point packers sell cattle, but now I am curious.


Maybe someone on here will know the answer.


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Re: Cold Storage

a lot of purveyors own storage.


also independants....quite a bit of cold storage is a service business.


purveyors, processors ( cooking and variety plants and grind plants ) and direct retail buy most the meat from the packer.  MO.


Steph plants will sell direct to you...say a box of 10lb ( called 11 and down ) sirloins....comes 60 lbs to a box.



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Re: Cold Storage

Meat is a perishable product with a short shelf life and therefore short selling times. In contrast to fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged meat has to be declared. You can use cold storage in India.

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