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DelPro Dairy Management Software

I'm looking for a total herd management system for my tie stall dairy herd.  I am considering upgrading my milkers to the newer DelPro milkers, and was wondering if anyone had any experience wth the DelPro software.  I'm looking for something to enter everything animal related on my farm and manage it all in one place -  calf/heifer records, vaccination protocols, breeding records, breeding syncronization schedules/reminders, milk production data, etc.  Would be great if it synchronized with DHIA repororts too. 


Is this wishful thinking, or is this possible?  If not with DelPro, is there another dairy herd management software out there with these capabilities? 


Thanks for your input!

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Re: DelPro Dairy Management Software



I am running which is a software for record keeping. At this point there are no dairy related functions but it is fairly easy to request new features from within the software. It is web based and does not cost anything. 


You might want to have a look by visiting the web site.



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