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Dock workers are back, and Folks b grilling in the East usa

pretty soon.


the afore are both ( and each 2 ) Thee Perfect Storm for higher fat cattle now thru May.


globally folks are out of usa beef and That is the product they Prefer.


gonna be some over time now to resupply empty beef supply lines.







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Re: Dock workers are back, and Folks b grilling in the East usa

Wow Mark, things went really fast over on AgTalk.  What happened?  Also did you try to log in as MarkWright or wrightcattle?

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Re: What happened is we talked higher priced cattle

and then i was out again.


the webmaster had emailed me a verification code a couple weeks did not work.


last night just logged in under another account a friend had set up.


perhaps the nat site might be free for a reason:   cheaper agri products.





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Re: What happened is we talked higher priced cattle

So quick over there, I didnt even see you were back,,, momentarily! :-)  You'd better really start talking up the cattle market, as I am losing my friendly bias towards the market, thats for sure!  Last 3 trading days have really cast an ominous glow to the market.


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Re: Boxed/ Composite Cash is sharply higher

this week.


1st marker out ( i use ) is the Tama fat sale on Wednesday.


the nice thing about the Midwest is they move bout 80,000 fats per week and they all Talk:

( IA, IL, OH, MN, SD, ND and Eastern Nebraska ).


also plenty of fat cattle cash auctions in SD, MN, IA, NE etc. 


the commercials in the W and SW don't talk ( Western Nebraska, KS, TX/OK Panhandles ).


we might be headed to a $25cwt spread board ( carny game ) to cash cattle.

afore is darn near there anyway....nobody delivers ( because the basis is said to exist but does NOT Truly in many instances ).

it's said there were less than 40 loads of fats delivered in All of 2014.


I sure wish the China man would buy some of the smaller ( and larger 1's,  2 ) usa beef plants ( she's been a lookin here, ie pacwoman )


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