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Effectiveness of Lutalyse

As a precaution, we give all of our feeder heifers lute upon arrival. Recently, we found out that some of the heifers that we luted about 60 days ago were 4-5 months bred. So, the heifers were obviously 2-3 months bred when we luted them.


We resold the bred heifers as breds, but were disappointed that the Lutalyse was not effective. Is it fairly common for lute to fail, and what do you use to terminate pregnancy in heifers or avoid purchasing potential train wrecks?



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Re: Effectiveness of Lutalyse

Give bovishield to the calf that's still nursing a cow. She'll abort for sure! 😜Had a wreck on backgrounding calves that escaped back to mama once upon a time. But for heifers, I think lutalyse is your best bet.
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