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Ergot fungus popping up

Just saw a report on the incidence of ergot fungus in pasture. Sounds like it's jumped quite a bit this summer. Anybody seeing it in your pasture?


Here's a quick description of what to look for, what you can do and how it can affect your herd. 


Pretty serious stuff. Here's a photo of what to look for: 


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Re: Ergot fungus popping up

Here in north central Missouri it's common to find a bit of ergot on fescue every year.  I haven't really seen much at all this year, although I guess that could change.  I would suspect weather has a lot to do with it, possibably the weather during the previous growing season.  Spring 2012 here was dry, last summer and fall extremely hot and dry, early winter fairly mild and dry, very wet, snowy and cold Feb-April, May -June wet and now the rain has shut off.   

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Re: Ergot fungus popping up

Here is an article you might be interested in.


Highly Toxic Ergot Fungus in Southern Corn Belt Pastures -

See more at:

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