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Feds are harassing the Navajo Shepherds,

 hate to say it, but this is Typical usa style govt tactics backed by corporate grease.

( ever wonder why it's " terrorists "  that stomp on this govt?).



Why are the feds harassing Navajo Shepherds? by Shannon Speed and Hallie Boas.



MO: just keep in mind, Indian Lands ARE a Soveriegn Nation.

( the only trespass allowed is that in the pursuit of capital murder )


take those 25,000 feral horses with their freeze brands and go where ever...just not here MO.


BTW, a freeze brand is Not a true  (nor legal) proof of ownership brand in ALL of the SW ( don't matter if your on Indian Land or usa dirt ).


I kinda figure ya'll need to have that govt send Mark Wright bout $100Mill in trespass grazing due on your feral horses ( I'll handle the rest...divvy out to the Tribes etc.. ).




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