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Free Feed

Is what the Sept 1st change to haying grazing cover crops adds to. 

I'll have lots of cows and nice pairs that can bought and  hauled to the Midwest this year. 

It's pretty dry in the SW High Country now. 

Seldom does Uncle throw cattle folks a bone like these grazing haying chopping changes for cover crops in the Midwest. 


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BA Deere
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Re: Free Feed

Not dismissing your advice at all, however can the forage be sold?   i`m not sure it can be used for other than personal use or maybe given away.  Not everyone has the equipment and fence to handle cattle or the capital to buy them.  I mean to make one cutting of hay on September 1st and get say 400 bales off 300 PP acres...then what do you do with them next year?  Then there`s the consideration of of seeding costs which could be $35-$50/acre, also if you can`t plant beans on the ground today, will it be fit to seed jap millet or redtop clover in the next couple weeks? 


If you`re already a cattleman with the equipment it could make sense to expand now, but if corn is $5+ will the feedlots discount the feeder cattle they buy?   Eventually high grain makes money in livestock, but sometimes it takes deep pockets to get from here to there.

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