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Free cows here today


On Pairs just buy the calf and the cow is thrown in. 

Typical New Mexico /  Arizona Big Dry here. 

Pairs costing $380 to 500 per pair.  Calves are decent blacks and reds. Calves weigh 200 to 300 lbs.. .. Every cow is horned,  moderate and Gentle and Smart on working the environment. 

Never thought I'd ever see pair and bred cows this cheap And it looks like cheaper yet into Dec.  This year.

Decent bred cows are in the $30 to $42cwt range. 

Heck a few in the $25 to $28cwt range too. 

Bet by Dec there will be just a few bred cows sell in the $15 cwt to $20cwt range. 

We'll See. 

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Re: Free cows here today

Maybe  those  sales  will  generate  a   gubermunt  '''  preventive  pasture  payment$ '''  - ? Smiley Sad

Truly ,  Sad  Deal  for  those  folks  -   -   -   

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