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From the floor (Cattle) May 19

At 9:20am;

One analyst says Texas and Kansas did 19,000 head yesterday at $97.50 - 98.00. Both those states are likely done for the week. Nebraska has not yet traded. "I'd like to see them get steady money but with KS doing some boxed trade at 155 this wk that doesn't seem likely," he says.



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Re: From the floor (Cattle) May 19

You know I think from here tll the 31st we jst mule through shouldn't be any big surprse either way.  The pack needs to see movement as it goes through the holiday to really gage the demand.  Heres a question for the feeders n here. at what level d you see heat stress impat weights?  Sorry for the mispelled words I am typin on the laptop and that don't worka wellfor me.JR

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