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Grocery Store Meat Prices

In between the shopping cart waiting line, and the twenty minute checkout line, I managed to notice the ground beef prices.


The ground beef prices at a grocery store (Wichita Falls, TX) today were:


$6.99 per lb. for 94% lean.


$5.99 per lb. for 93% lean.


$5.39 per lb for 90% lean. (It may have been $5.29, I do not remember exactly on this one.


I did not price the 80% lean.


I looked the price history of ground beef up this evening and was surprised by the rapid increase in prices since 2011.


This link has a graph showing the increase:  


The chart will go back to 1984 if you change the output options.


Edited to get link working.




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Re: Also USA average retail food and

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Re: Grocery Store Meat Prices

It's been so long since we've needed to purchase beef from the supermarket we don't even look at price of it anymore. I've always considered our home grain fed and raised beef is of superior quality to anything we could buy at the store I'd be scared to put a price tag on the contents of our freezer. I will add that it is high enough that we've got additional insurance coverage on it just in case of a freezer failure.
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Re: Grocery Store Meat Prices

my wife paid 9 bucks a pound for a 9 pound prime rib
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