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Hedge posts, What are they worth

Have a question, what are good hedge posts worth? I have gotten out of cattle business this winter & just loaded up around 400/hedge post for a neighbor who still has cattle. Neither one of us know the value of posts.


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Re: Hedge posts, What are they worth

In my area they bring firewood price. Some sold a week ago Saturday not far from here and they went to someone with a wood stove...Soyroy

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Re: Hedge posts, What are they worth

 Not sure where you are located, but I am sure that makes a big difference. Here in North Central/ Southern Nebraska, if they are good and about 6' long, they bring about the same as creasote posts. Excellent & straight a little more, small and crooked a little less 

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Re: Hedge posts, What are they worth

All depends on the size. In our area in north central kansas a 4 inch decenlty stright post is around 5 dollars a post. 6 to 8" around $10, 10 to 12" $14 dollars, it tops out at about $25 dollars for a post thats about 20" and up, and yes you see alot of them being set. We have alot of hilly ground and those 20"posts arent going anywhere anytime soon last for a century or more.

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