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Heifer harvest


Heifers slaughter the last week of August was over 200,000 head. 

Thee highest number since June of 2011.

7% higher than last year. 

Cow slaughter been running bout 2% higher than 2018.

We're killing cattle now quite a bit faster than we're making them.   That Simple. 

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BA Deere
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Re: Heifer harvest

And they do it without the Tyson plant.  +$400 profit per head and at the salebarns $101 top, the bulk in the high $90s.

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Re: Heifer harvest

That's   the  reason  ''  ground  beef  ''  is   $3.oo+   /  lb.  -  to  many  cows - ( heifers )  being  slaughtered  -   I  see - - - 

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