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Help with cattle vaccination program

Ive never had cattle before and recently decided to purchase some hefiers.  I am tring to find information online with regards to a vaccination schedule and program but havent had much luck finding what im looking for.  Does anyone out there know of any good online resources about vaccination programs?

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Re: Help with cattle vaccination program

Vac program depends on the area you run in.

SOO, your local vet will have some good advice.


On hiefers: assuming your going to keep and breed em.


Bangs tag em, which is the bruccelosis vacination.( official calfhood vacination ie., OCV )

Give em a Bovishield or Cattle Master.

Give em a 7 way plu hemopholis.

Worm em, say pour em  with cydectin or ivomec.

Also, I'd give em an LV5  ( lepto vibrio shot assuming your going to breed em ).


If your running in an anthrax area...well they'll need an anthrax vac.

Or if your running on a red water area, they'll need a redwater vac.

Or if in a liver fluke area, you'll have to run a prevent treat on that etc., etc..



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Re: Help with cattle vaccination program

   You probably have them by now so this may help you in the future.  The other post about what you need to do depending on your location is spot on.  The closest large animal vet is the best source of info. 

   What I have to add is that vac's. take affect 3-5 days after given.  So, if possible have the vac's. given BEFORE you move them to your location.  I found this out the hard way.  I buy 3-500# feeders at auctions.  My usual auction yard has a vet there to give meds, tag, cut, etc.  I would always get them vaccinated but usually ended up with a sickie or 2.  After talking this over with my vet I decided to quit having them vaccd. at the auction.  I don't remember having a sick one since and this has been about 3 or 4 years now.  I pen new ones seperate and give them plenty of auromyacin for 3 weeks or so with the grain.  My thinking is that by the time they are 3-500# they have had vaccinations and should be on their way.  About this same time I bought a trailer that I can slide plexiglass panels in the upper open area of the trailer to cut the drafts in cool weather.  Maybe it's one thing or the other or both but it has worked so far, knock on wood.

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