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How Much Gain?

Currently trying to estimate the weight on a group of steers.


Hypothetically Speaking: At start,


     The Animals:


          Group of 650# steers.


          Genetics range from really good to just ok.


          Body condition is “framey” but NOT skeletal.


     The Diet:


          Unlimited pasture grass and water.


          2# of cattle cubes per head five times per week.


     The Climate:


          90 to 100 degrees daytime highs with 50% or more humidity.


          Pasture has plenty of shade.


Taking into account the above scenario, I have two questions:


     1.  After one month how much are the steers going to average per head?


     2.  What is the average daily rate of gain going to be?


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Re: How Much Gain?

I'm guessing they'll gain 1-1.5 lb's per day with the current heat and probably on the lower end of that scale.  Just my opinion.  Good luck.

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Re: How Much Gain?

Thanks for the reply!


I know the heat can be hard on cattle.



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