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Identify Your Enemies,

It's time to lotto off ( say a weekly fed land lotto ) the 1/3 of all the land the federal government supposedly owns in the usa ( over 1 billion acres ).


Get the land in private hands that improve land and creates economic action.  MO




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Re: Identify Your Enemies,

What a lot of protectionist groups fail to realize is that more often than not grazing is necessary to maintain the ecological balance on grasslands and arid rangeland.  These areas developed under grazing by buffalo and other grazing animals and when all grazing is suspended, undesirable plants (many non-native) tend to increase while the desirable native plants decrease in number and vigor.  Taking away the grazing animals completely alters the ecobalance between plants and animals that had developed over hundreds to thousands of years. 


Kind of what the forestery service realized after Yellowstone went up in smoke in the late 1980s..  Under natural conditions, many small fires consumed dead material but never got hot enough to do any serious damage to live, healthy plants.  Then Smokey Bear came along and they extinguished most fires before they ever got any size.  Over the decades the fuel load built up until when it did catch fire, there was no stopping it and the intensity of the fires decimated the ecosystem, even burning the organic matter out of the top layer of soil.  I was in Yellowstone in the laste 70s and early 80s and the forest was littered with the dead trunks of full sized trees.  I remember thinking about how much wood was being wasted and just left to rot.  I was out there in 2010 and in most of the burned areas, the  fires killed everything,  Over 20 years after the big fires, in the colder higher and dryer areas, much of the regrowth of trees was knee high to head high.  In other words, in 20 years nature hadn't even been able to grow a good Christmas sized tree.


So often in human history, we have done things to the land and environment that we thought was the right thing to do and in the short term, it often was.  However, long term it blew up in our faces because we often didn't understand the complexity of ecosystems.  

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