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Is Lab-Grown Protein Meat?

I've never figured out why people who don't want to eat meat want their fake product to look, taste, cook and otherwise resemble the allegedly hated product.


So, is lab-grown protein meat?

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Re: Is Lab-Grown Protein Meat?

Interesting question.


I guess it depends on if your definition of meat is chemical structure, origin, or both.



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Re. Not all burritos

Are made w burro I imagine it boils down to whatever a consumer will buy.  Beef is non accountable as to it's source in the USA sooo lab protien is just another mystery meat in the USA.....might be from monkeys for all the consumer knows or even seems to care.

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Re: Re. Not all burritos

 ''  Mystery  Meat  '' sums it up to a  T ,  and  the  meat  folks  fought  the  labeling  deal , time after time ---


Karma  can  be  a  real  item  to  deal  with , sooner or later --- 

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