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It was 108 today at 5:30

For some reason it was only 92 degrees on Thursday at 4:30 when it's usually around 103.  People were very excited.  It was as if a cold front had blown in.  I'm getting used to over 100 degree temperatures.  The Farmers Almanac states that the first week of September will bring lower 90's.  A lot of the old timers say this drought isn't as bad as the 50's drought here in Texas.  That must have been a humdinger of a drought!  I don't remember temperatures in the 90's.  After 150 some odd days of temps in the 100's, your brain doesn't function as well as it used to so you just forget cool weather.  August is just about over.  Am I droning on?  We have two stock tanks at one pasture that are just about dried up.  Cattle prices are dropping here because so many are selling out.  Luckily we have found rice straw hay for $65.00 a bale (we have to get it, it's not delivered)  My husband bought a brand new John Deere round baler last year.  We've only used it one season.  The east coast is flooding now because of the Hurricane.  Too much rain.  Maybe if I keep talking, the huge high pressure that has moved in will move on.  Don't wish it on anyone, but frankly Texas wants to evict it.  God's blessings all.  Think of Texas at night if you say prayers.  Thanks

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Re: It was 108 today at 5:30

This is a hard note to reply too. I live in central Pa. and we have too much rain this year. Hurricane Irene just ended for us. I have been following your drought and high temps. I never in my life time went through what you are going through. I say prayers a lot and just wanted you to know I will pray for Texas and your family. I believe in the power of prayer and believe God is the only one that can help. If this door closes on you, He will open another. Just trust. Thanks for asking for prayers, for I think these extreme happenings are message from God. He wants us back. For us this week, we had severe storms, an earthquake, ( not even on a known fault line) and a hurricane! Paul

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