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Just rying to find the bull pens on here.

The bull I sold today brought 66 cents per pouind. 

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Re: Just rying to find the bull pens on here.

We've had some high yield beef bulls here bring a touch over $82 the past week.

"just right" 90% lean type cows in the $64 to $67 cwt range.

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Re: Just wondering what some herd bulls might be worth....park park, anyway.

I have 4 Red Angus bulls, 2 and a half years old.... should have sold them last year, but got too involved with the hay harvest.  All grass fed, no fat, ready to go to work.... I want to sell them privately.... I wonder what I should be selling them for?

I have been thinking about the $1,200 range.  No papers or anything, but just good doing bull calves.  Probably weigh about 1600 lbs.

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