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KSU Legacy Sale Tomorrow (3/6)

Is anyone from here going to be attending or bidding by proxy?

It's at 3:30 pm at the Stout Center in Manhattan.

Link to a spreadsheet with EPDs for the bulls being offered, they've got 32 Angus, 17 Simmentals, and 13 Hereford bulls, plus another 40 cows not included in the file.  Any advice on what to look for (attending, not buying)? This'll be the first sale I've been to.


P.S. Kinda hoping Mark sees this and has some kinda thoughts 😉

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Re: KSU Legacy Sale Tomorrow (3/6)

 lot 38 simmy, perhaps lot 60 on herfy look ok.


Lot 15 on Angus is perhaps the Power Curve bull of the whole sale:  Wow spreads....pretty light actual BW ( might be a twin ).

perhaps the largest per unit rib eye of the whole sale is lot 15 too.


on angus go with the high $EN,   2 to 20 is fine on milk,  say 5 to 12 on CED, depends on actual weighed BW but round 0 BW is fine ( negative number is generally better ).


i like a 9 or 10 to 1 actual weighed BW to weaning weight spread.   soooo a 65 lb BW and a 600 to 650 lb weaning weight is great.


cattle grow at bout 3 lbs per day ie birth thru a year....depends on what feed the bulls we're developed on.

soooo a 1070 to 1170 yearling weight is fine.



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