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Knuckled calf

We quit dairying in May and now buy babies to sell as feeders, When we milked, occasionally we would have a calf born with its feet knuckled under or his front knees crossed. We usually let them have a larger pen and it would be rectified in a week or so. Well we have had a bull calf for 2 weeks and he is still as knuckled as day 1. Yesterday my husband duct taped a couple pieces of wood as makeshift splints to see if that would help.

Just wondering if any of you farmers on here had a remedy?


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Veteran Contributor

Re: Knuckled calf

The splint deal might work.

You'll have to change tape spots at times, also the ace wraps ( for horses legs ) work very well in place of the tape.
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Re: Knuckled calf

We use PVC pipe about 4 inches long.  1.5 inches diameter wrap with duct tape leave on for about a week. works for us and the tape doesn't stick to the calf or restrict the skin. JR

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Joshua IL

Re: Knuckled calf

Give it a shot of banamine and it should limber up in a day or so. Had the same problem and that's what the vet recomended it worked well and has a time or two since.
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