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Lard Spheres on Sticks

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We had an extremely mild winter and I believe that our cattle got fatter over the course of it.


During the winter we put out supplemental hay and cubed the cattle several times a week. They also grazed a limited amount of pasture.


Over the last 4-6 weeks our spring grazing has really started to grow and our cattle have started looking like lard spheres on sticks.


While I think it is great for future hamburgers (i.e. feeders) to grow fat, and while we have not been experiencing health problems with this group; I am wanting additional opinions as to wether our breeding stock have gotten too fat.












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Re: Lard Spheres on Sticks

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 I don't see anything that would concern me as far as them being over conditioned. I'am in the midwest though, and we have a tendency here of maybe over conditioning our cattle / breeding stock.


I don't see long soft hooves , I don't see fat tailheads , and I don't see fat pockets on the pins. Those three areas are what I watch to monitor conditioning.


Who knows , it might be good to have the current condition going forward into summer................. who knows what that will bring ? 


They look great !

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Re: Lard Spheres on Sticks

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Thanks for the reply!


I appreciate your feedback.



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