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Market rebound to continue

Just filed a short story with Purdue economist Chris Hurt's ( @PurdueAgEcon ) expectations for the cattle market for the next few months. Sounds like he expects a bit of a dip in prices this summer, but they ought to rebound later this fall. Sounds like $100 CWT ought to stick around a while. 


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Re: Market rebound to continue

Actually the big lag in placements has been for August.

Might be interesting to see where this goes.

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Re: Market rebound to continue


We lost a lot of cows the least few yrs. I think the USDA inventory #s over estiomate the population.


How can we keep beef supply up ? I don't think we can, teh big strides have been made in #s/ anmial.


Producers over estiame the economy's effect, mostly poeople just eat. The % of incomes that goes into raw foods goes down down. and by nature, demand elasticity dampens. 


Fats may break some, but by summer's end?


Feeders? How can you make more of them?


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Re: Market rebound to continue

Just don't see the down in the market the experts talk.


Market is pretty much locked in at $100 cwt on the traditionals.  That could be the long term middle ( say 5 either side of 100 ).


We'll see.


The 100 level is aways Below all total industry sector's breakevens in cattle.


That means cow herd numbers will continue to decline.


Just REAL opportunity for most folks ( especially youger folks ) in other things rather than cattle.   That simple.