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Markwright what is your take on this weeks cattle deal

The board action makes little sense.

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Re: Markwright, I'm loading widows, orphans and

pension funds up with cash cattle Now.


the paper deal got loaded with funds starting in 2014 and moreso in Sept/Oct.  ( hogs and cattle...especially feeder cattle ).

oil went south on em....sooooo to balance things And pay a dividend...........funds had to move Profitable cattle positions to try to balance that oil going S.


i figure paper will make back 40 to 60% of the current correction Back shortly after Jan 1.


whenever 1 hears that there are expanded number of trade contracts allowed for 30,000 contracts per entity ( for 4 or 5 funds ) things bound to be ridiculous.

jeez that's 1.8 milliion head of feeder cattle each outfit  can trade any given day.


keep in mind, there's by far record boxed and composite beef movement the past week....$3.50 cheaper carcass dough thus record Volume of boxed beef moved.


retail is figuring on featuring beef specials for after christmas.


beef pipleine becomes pretty low again in Jan.  MO



i kinda wonder just how high non feds will be by Feb 1?

not many packer cows around anymore.




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