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Mild winter so far?

I was just reading a report on the snow that's fallen in Cordova, Alaska, so far this winter. We have some friends up there, and they've had 18 FEET of snow so far this winter. It's crazy. They are running out of places to put the stuff, and the state government won't let them push it into the water off-shore!


Got me thinking -- we've had an awfully mild winter so far here in central Iowa. Then, I saw some info today -- sort of a set of tips to remember to stay prepared for when a blizzard arrives (I'm saying 'when' not 'if' so I don't jinx us altogether!). Threw them together in a little slideshow here. Check it out!


So, how well are you prepared for that inevitable blizzard blast? 

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Re: Mild winter so far?

Mornin there Jeff!


We are prety well prepared. We had the generator outa week ago when strong winds blew down a power line. Fuel tanks and propane tanks are full ( Pockets are now empty!)


Been nice to not have to use so much bedding this winter so far. Last year we couldn't keep ahead of it. ALso cows are not having to eat so much just for maintanence which seems to be keepin the feed bills a little lower while milk producton is holding up well.


Finally we are getting some projects done that we didn't think we would get back to till spring. We (I) cut holes in some concrete and set new posts for another drive along feed bunk Sat and Sun. Actually was down to my roled up shirt sleeves on Sun.!  That was beutiful.


SHould have it all done by this next weekend.  I'll post pics of the finished product.


Off topic here now. but I have been real busy between farm stuff and normal farm chores.  Milked 94 this morning.


I am also helping out remodling a used warehouse/show room in town for a new store. About thirty hours a week. really cuts into my posting time!


But the wifey likes the extra coin!


See Ya!

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Re: Mild winter so far?

I think I'm more prepared for lots of snow than I've ever been.  Propane tanks have 30+ days supply in them, fuel tanks have plenty, and I even have about 100 gallons of straight #1 diesel, just in case.  So far, so good.  I haven't even put the chains on the loader yet (it only takes me a half hour to hour to do, and I usually wait until snow is forecast, to save wear and tear on them, driving on bare frozen ground).

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