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Milk test tube?

Is this for testing milk since it is marked Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers? If so, does it have a specific name and what exactly is it used for? Thanks for the help!IMAG1505 (1).jpg

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Re: Milk test tube?

It looks to me, like a rain guage given by the company as a promotional item.  The black plastic pointy thing is a stake you can poke into the ground, or nail to a post, and then the little extension on the clear part fits into it, holding it into place yet allowing you to remove it to dump out any rain.

As to how a rain guage works, I couldn't tell you.  It has been so long since I used mine, I forgot how they work, LOL.

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Re: Milk test tube?

Another shot down million dollar find.  Neb, you just crushed this poor sole.  He was so sure he had a million dollar find and was in the process of listing it on E-Bay when you burst his bubble.


A rain gauge, how disconnected has some people come.

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