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Molasses Bean Skin: Provider of High-Quality Short Fiber for Dairy Cow Farming!

Molasses bean skin is a special product which is made by spraying concentrated soybean oligosaccharides onto soybean hulls and drying with unique technology. Molasses bean skin contains 30% of soybean oligosaccharide and 70% of soybean hulls.

The lignification degree of cellulose is an important factor in the digestion of cellulose. The crude fiber content of soybean hulls is high and the lignification degree is very low. Therefore, soybean hull is a supplier of high-quality natural short fibers.   

Feeding dairy cows with Molasses bean skin has the following advantages:

1.Good digestibility

2.Good palatability

3.Improving Milk Production Performance

4.Increasing feed intake

Use of molasses bean skin

1. The molasses bean skin can be added to the ruminant mixture in the proportion of 8-15%.

2. Can be fed directly, feeding 1.5-2.5 kg/head/day

Friends who are interested in molasses bean skin can read the article to learn more about the advantages of it. Welcome to leave your opinions and discuss together.

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