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NE US hay, forage crop, excellent 2013..

Not sure where this post goes but am out on a visit across the country side in SE NY and C and NE PA.  Huge hay crop coming in,, great spring moisture, and warm dry mid June on  =s a near perfect crop . 1st cutting here  is about complete. That may sound late to you all , but the climate, elevation here, can equal  harvest not done til July 10 for 1st crop.


More have bigger machinery that 20 let alone 30 yrs ago. More hayledge in plastic wrap, gear for higher protein, and easy to harvest more wet.  Bottom-line the area will have lots of hay to export this year.  We still have some good dairy heads and  there are pockets  Horse areas,  they meant better hat than in decades past, some racing but largely riding.. NET doubt horse demand amounts to much % wise.



Common here for 1/3 yrs min to have too wet a June or other Wx problems, IE no 3 days in a row etc, and we have a minimal hay crop, enough to feed NE dairy demand.. We have no cow/calf operations of significant size, net there are herds but added up probably less than a county in real cow/calf country.


NET for 2013, anyone in close proximity  to the NE should see their hay costs down vs.the last 2-3 yrs. 


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