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Need Dairy Cattle to Lease to Own

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Needing 20 to 150 head of dairy cattle. We have two working dairy farms and need more cattle to fill the barns. We are offering 20% over the sale price in interest for the seller leasing us the cattle. Number of month of lease will be determined by seller.

Please call or email me if you have the cattle or know of anyone who may lease to own dairy cattle.

Travis Salyer
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Re: Travis send me an email,

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Where is Your Location?


What is Your annual average Cow Burn Rate?


MO: don't go offering 20% over on a forward look Downtrend Market.

( heck just save heifers, buy some time and Grow it in )


I was instrumental in Bailing 3 rather large dairies...for over $24Mill back when they were ALL scrambling the last time.


BTW, Every Dam 1 of em Stiiffed US  ( ME )


( No Pay POS bustards...and they appear to run their ponzi on ).


guess "paybacks" might be a Mother Bear with some.




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Re: Need Dairy Cattle to Lease to Own

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We are located in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

Call, text, or email me wrightcattle
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