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Need help with cow that is down

We have a large momma cow that must have fell yesterday whilte coming up to feed, and we've been unable to get her up. She can move all of her legs, but she is too large & heavy to raise her hind legs up.  Is there a good way, or good product, to help get her up that anyone would recommend?  Are there any kind of straps that are useful to get extra leverage to help raise them up? I am working out of town, and the gal is basically by herself trying to get her up, but has been unsuccessful so far.



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Re: Need help with cow that is down

Having a vet come out is probably your best option.  With the current price of cattle, your cow is probably worth considerably more that the vet bill would be.  


Hopefully your cow will make a full recovery.  Having a cow down is never fun.


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