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New Zealand is slaughtering

43 herds of cattle in an attempt to rid the country of mycoplasma.


That according to the female prime minister there.  Nice looking gal BTW.


Guess well see if that works.

Bout 40 to 50% of the possums in nz carry myco so it would appear they need to clear some possums out too.


Myco bridges bvd sooooo eliminating it tends to get rid of bvd too.


Course they could always call Texas Vet Labs in San Angelo and simply get some Myco Bovis vaccine and vac the darn cattle.



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Re: New Zealand is slaughtering

With total cattle numbers at @10.5 million,  of that  ( 6.7million) dairy ,  and  how  many in  each  herd  slaughter ,  10 -50- 100  ? ?


Texas  having  the  same amount  @ - - -    

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