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No Fence Repair Today!!!


Dad and I did some much needed fence repair yesterday, and we were planning on finishing up the repairs today.


Yesterday was sunny with a high of 63F. Today was forecast to be in the 40’s F. with a chance of rain.


When I woke up this morning, I was not looking forward to the day. That changed dramatically, when I looked outside, and saw snow coming down. Being in North Texas, this was a big surprise.


A few days from now, this snow will be nothing more than a memory, and then Dad and I will get to repair fence in the mud, but it made my day today.


Here are a few pictures of winter wonderland.



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Re: No Fence Repair Today!!!

Better find you a sled to pull behind that Kubota and take full advantage of the recent snow.  Don't let the weather stop you from spending time with your dad.  When Mother Nature hands you a bag of lemons, look her back in the eye with a smile and offer her a fresh glass of lemonade.

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Re: No Fence Repair Today!!!

I'm Guessing seeing snow once in a blue moon can make it exciting !!When you live with it 5 to 6 months a year....Not so exciting !!!


 That said....your pics would make good postcards !!!  Circus cow pic. above a real winner!      John

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