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Veteran Advisor

Thee most predictable casino

All of agri is flat due for some serious ups to begin.  Cattle are Erie same annual timing of market low...bout the same market level....thee same future numbers diametric in front of should be another 50 to 65% up in front of us...just like last year.  Heck cattle are the most predictable casino on earth,

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Thee most predictable casino

So, sell the cattle & play the board ?

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Senior Contributor

Re: Thee most predictable casino

Live cattle prices do seem to be comparable to last year; however, if my memory serves me correctly, feeder cattle prices are higher than they were last year.


I keep thinking that feeder prices are going to drop.  Currently, I am not finding much potential profit in the market.  Right now I see too much risk and too little reward.



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