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Recommend several best feeds for feeding cattle

What are the feeds for the cows? How to choose the feed for the cattle? How to match the feed for feeding cattle can speed up the growth of beef cattle? This article will solve the most concerned problems of these cattle-raising friends. It can be said that by choosing the feed for the cattle, you can raise good cattle and make money!
Forage is characterized by rich nutrients and high crude protein content, generally up to 12% to 25%. Forage has good palatability and is easy to digest, but has a large volume and high water content. The quality of legume green feed in green feed is better than that of grass and vegetable feed. Commonly used green fodder for feeding cattle includes elephant grass, corn leaves, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, wild grass, sugar cane tail, carrots, etc.
Silage is made by chopping up fresh green and juicy feed, such as corn stover, sugarcane tail, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, elephant grass, sweet potato, etc., sealed in silage, trench, or tower, and made by lactic acid fermentation. It can not only maintain the nutritional value of green fodder, improve the palatability of raw materials, but also adjust the balanced supply of green fodder. It is a good feed for cattle.


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