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Say $3,100 per head Fat Cattle thru year end, We're

only going to pick up $14 to $20cwt thru grilling season in 2015.


the Sept thru end of year move will be another $40 to $80cwt UP.


(btw, $220 avg on 14 weights is the $3,100 range )


gonna b some decent priced slaugther / non feds thru bout Aug 1st too ( say $150 to $175cwt killer cows ...just rights with a bare touch of grease over the top).


granted feed costs are going to be higher 2.






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Re: Say $3,100 per head Fat Cattle thru year end, We're

Are you in the market for some $ 3  yearlings ? 

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Re: Buy some Feeder Cattle calls,

cheap and up there a bit out of the money now.


For just the reason You mentioned.


Grass calves here, Fancy weaned steers weighing 450lb been running $300cwt ( Blacks, Reds and Char X ) every week.



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