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Significance of phosphorus supplement to dairy cows

Phosphorus is the most biologically functional element in all minerals. Firstly, it participates in the composition of bone and tooth structure together with calcium to ensure the integrity of bone and tooth structure.

Secondly, it participates in energy metabolism in vivo, which is an integral part of ATP and creatine phosphate.

Thirdly, it promotes the absorption of nutrient facts, phosphorus promotes the absorption of lipids and lipid-soluble vitamins in the form of phospholipids.

Fourthly, it protects energy metabolism in vivo. A phospholipid is an indispensable component of the cell membrane.

Fifth, phosphorus, as an important genetic material of life, participates in the process of life activities, such as protein synthesis and animal product production. Therefore, phosphorus is very important to the performance of dairy cows.

Although there is enough phosphorus in the feed, some diseases easily lead to a large loss of phosphorus, resulting in the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio. Therefore, phosphorus supplementation is critical for some diseases in dairy cattle.

There are four main diseases involved:

1. Downer cow

2. Production paralysis

3. Postpartum hemoglobinuria

4. Osteomalacia

Friends can read the article to lwarn about the symptoms and treatment plans of these diseases.

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Re: Significance of phosphorus supplement to dairy cows

Is it affecting the quality of the meat as well?

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Re: Significance of phosphorus supplement to dairy cows

Of course it is! Each nutrient contributes to the quality of the milk and meat. More than that, a relaxing environment and a rich diet are the key factors for a high quality product. I have never thought that some farmers give vitamins to their cows and play soft music to brighten their mood. Also, the well known wagyu beef, has gained its properties only thanks to the stress-free environment where the cows live. Besides that, I've read on  that they are given brewer's grain to relax. This is just unbelievable. I wish I also could get such a relaxing lifestyle. Just kidding!

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Veteran Contributor

Re: Significance of phosphorus supplement to dairy cows

I didn't know that cows have vitamins like that. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Significance of phosphorus supplement to dairy cows

Ernie, yeah, they also need supplements, just like humans. I'm surprised that they still don't have supplements like this -, but I think that they will appear soon. Animals also need medicines and vitamins to be healthy. It would be hypocritical to deny this fact. Also, cows produce milk, and we drink that. In milk, there can be different bacteria that can get into our bodies as well. So, I'm glad that nowadays people understand this thing, aren't indifferent and do their best to help our little friends. What do you think about it?

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