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Some cattle pics

Here's some more pics from the fair.

Jeff and Jared watching Dean fit a heifer. ( dean is a good friend who we show with).

341i4C97AA828650EED5  Heres the boys getting ready to go to the show ring

342i1C2082F2377B559A  Jareds heifer is a June calf and Jeffs is a may calf

Here's my bull

343i4AE993E63E9E1B99  He is a may calf wieghed 1335 day of show.

And one more of him.

344i7A3C73097B350E3D  This was a real fun family activity.  We are going to spencer next month and already have plans for beef expo in Feb. and back to the State fair nest year.  BTW judge said he liked everything about him except he curled his feet to much when he walked.!? That was a new one on me. JR

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Re: Some cattle pics

boy it's nice to see good herefords at a show.  I grew up showing hereford cattle with my family in south central montana.  We showed locally in state but also went to Reno and Denver.  It was always a fun time.  I've since, 25 years, married a commercial angus breeder and while I really appreciate the angus, I surely miss the disposition of the hereford cattle.  It's quite a bit different pulling bulls when they are black versus hereford.  I think black bulls are born with an attitude!  Enjoyed your pics.

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