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SuKarne, Thee most Wanted Woman, gotta Love Her

her new plant opened 6 weeks ago.


on a 1.5 million per year harvest pace.

capacity is projected at 3 million per year within 2 years.


479 acres under roof at that new plant in Durango Mexico.


300,000 head SK in house feedlot next door.

65 other producers feeding for her Now.


used 2 B the usa could buy Mexican calves ( that used to be 20% of All cattle placed in OK, TX, NM, AZ and CA )

Not"s Over.

And the Mexicans are now buying usa calves and yearlings going South with em.


Yep, with Mexico being thee largest importer of usa corn, and feeding it there, Plus likely to absorb Piles of usa feeder cattle...hmmm looks to me like North America might end up expanding the herd to Export More.


the new super highway from Durango to Puerta Viarta is 4 lanes each way, no speed limit, tunnels thru 37 mountains and 27 bridges.


AND Chineses Ships loading everything they can in Puerta to backhaul to China.

i figure they just haul to LA, drop down and back haul home ( they even buy truck loads of sand to haul back ).


interesting World we live in.



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