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Take a vacation day or 2


Yesterday afternoon I had the wonderful experience of coming up behind this young lady and her family on a small mountain trail in the Wolf Creek Pass area of southern Colorado.  Somewhere around 11,000 feet elevation.

I had been to the top meadow and had a picnic lunch with my girl.

This family was moving @ 500 head of pairs down the path to another location.  I hung in with her and watched her family work those cows out of the trees...... in this picture there is a horse and rider on the slope both sides, a brother on horseback,  young lady on foot working the trees, and one really good dog.

The new spot was at lower elevation --still 9500 ft or better.  4 miles down this trail and possibly another 4 back up another.

At one point as we rode by a very steep drop off of 1000 to 1500 feet, I watched two calves pushed off the edge to disappear and the older cowboy rode his horse down the edge, keeping an eye on them working their way back up to rejoin the herd 50 yards down the road.

I really can't put proper words to how enjoyable it was to watch this family work..... and work..... its not a race it is a constant grind as the ball players say......... best day I've ever had in the high country..... and I won't complain about moving cows down on the flat for a while.






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Re: Take a vacation day or 2

No  Cow  Boys  Allowed ,   convention  in  Nashville ,  and  you  settled  for  Colorado  High  Country  -  Smiley LOL  

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Re: Take a vacation day or 2

This picture is really amazing. I also wanted to give up everything and go to live in the mountains. By the way, on the weekend, we will relax with our friends in nature, near the water. We've wanted to spend some time together for a long time, and finally, everyone had a day off. You will be able to go boating, swim and sunbathe. In addition, it would be helpful for all of us to be away from home and take a break from household chores and children.
After this holiday, I will definitely share my impressions with you.


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Re: Take a vacation day or 2

Thank you for sharing your journey. I've been dreaming about a vacation for a long time.

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Re: Take a vacation day or 2

Since I was a teenager, I have dreamed of living by the sea or near a coniferous forest. I have poor health; I constantly catch a cold because of weak immunity and lungs, especially in autumn or winter. The marine climate would allow my lungs to feel more comfortable and strengthen. And after I visited Florence using this guidebook, I fell in love with European architecture. I've been planning to move to Italy for several years, but I don't have the spirit to pack up and saying goodbye to everyone. Maybe your story will motivate me, and I will decide to take this step. Thank you for the wonderful photos!