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Thee Rally

Appears 2 B going forward. 

Say $40 to $50cwt higher fat cattle by May the $145 to $165cwt Cash live price levels.  MO

There's now 28% less beef primal cuts in cold storage as comped to 2018 .

There is 6 to 8% less 90% lean in cold storage as comped to 2018.

Harvest weights keep getting lighter due to record #s of heifers in the harvest mix. 

And the calf crops over the past 1 1/2 years are 2% less than was expected. 

And a lot of countries are buying more beef to replace the pork that is severely reduced in supply due to ASF. 

ASF is out of control on much of the Globe. 

We're on the cusp of a Major Record Up in cattle. 

Basically we're headed to New Higher Price plateaus long term. 

Don't forget to mark em out.  LoL.

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Re: Thee Rally

$5.oo   Hamburger  , will  that  be  the  norm,     UN-le$$   Imports  ,  the   '''other '''   Product$  of   U$A   line  the  selves  - ? 

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Re: Thee Rally

Latest  export  data,  isn't  a  barn  burner  for  hogs  or  cattle   -  ?   our  domestic  market  is  still  the  bellwether  -  -  - 

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